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About The OFA - Find out about Old Swinford Hospital and the OFAs connections with the school. Committee - Discover who is on the committee and what it's function are. Contact - Find out contact details for members of the OFA. Events - See the OFA diary of events for the coming year Membership - Find out about subscribing to the OFA and what benifits your membership will bring to you. Memorabilia - Order from the range of OFA merchandise News - Find out the most recent news about the OFA and how previous events have gone.

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A Message from the OFA President

Welcome to the Old Foleyans' web site! The main object of The Old Foleyans' Association is to further the good fellowship that exists between former pupils of our unique old school, and through financial aid to be able to meet the requests for monetary support from the Headmaster towards various school needs and activities. Over the years this monetary support has provided for:

  • Rugby squad tours to Australia, Canada, Argentina and South Africa
  • Sporting and educational equipment
  • Football and cricket tours
  • Refurbishment of the school's Great Hall, Staff Common Room and the Sixth Form Centre
  • Financial help for the Business and Enterprise scheme
  • Music and educational trips
  • Netball tours for the sixth form girls
  • The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme
  • Concert and masterclass sponsership
  • The Chris Potter Bursary Fund to provide financial assistance for a student to attend the school

The President's insignia was presented to the Association by W R 'Spud' Bartlett, the President in 1967 at the time of the school's tercentenary, and bears the name of every successive occupant of the office since. I am very proud of this historic institution and it's traditions, though I am aware that we must not allow tradition to stop the school moving forward. It is an honour to still be affiliated so closely with the school,

President Maurice D M Evans, Lyttelton House, 1938-1943

OFA President
About the School & OFA

Old Swinford Hospital admitted the first boys in 1670, three years after it was commissioned by the founder, Thomas Foley in 1667. Foley, a local wealthy businessman, was inspired by a sermon of Richard Baxter (a preacher and contemporary) to set up an institution to educate local poor boys so that when they left they could follow a profession as an apprentice. The 'Hospital', as it is known, originally only admitted a small number of students, around sixty, but now numbers have grown to approximately 620, admitting local day pupils as well as boarders from all over the globe. Both sports-wise and academically the school has an excellent record of success, and we continue to produce extremely good GCSE & A Level exam results, well above the national averages.

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The first registered reunion of 'Old Boys' of Old Swinford Hospital was on 5th June 1900. There may have been earlier reunions, possibly in 1867 to mark the bi-centenary of the school, when medals were issued, but unfortunately any record has since been lost.

From it's humble beginnings, the paid-up membership of the OFA is now over 2000 members, with scores of school leavers joining up every year.

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